The Wait

A Flash Story by La Mouche

We were asked to write a short snippet of a dramatic situation for a character of the opposite sex, and this was the result. It' s crap but that's what came out so, so whatever....

One day I’ll manage. I’ll go in, take it off the shelf and run out with it, all in spite of him. Him with his lecturing glasses and his straight nose, always looking at me weird, like if I was gonna rob the place. Well, I do intend to rob the place. Now don’t you think I’m a thief! I’ve stolen very few things in my life; a tenner -twice– from my sister, socks from dad, all right maybe a t-shirt from my roommate. Nothing major, really, until now. But this book I must have. It’s too expensive and nobody’s gonna buy it for me, that’s for sure. Someone said stealing a book is no crime. I go by that. Haven’t done it yet only cause of him. Day after day he stands, watching from the counter like a bitch with puppies. You should see the look on his face, as if he’d swallowed sick or something. Moron! I sit and drink coffee, pretend to read the paper. I study him, you see, and I’ve noticed his stare has softened a little; like if he was learning to trust me out of familiarity. Of course, he still thinks I’m a rat. Life’s a bit rough at the moment, what can I say; no money, not doing great at school, and worst of all, no sex in a long time. But I bet he’s worst off than me. He could easily be a virgin with that long, stupid face, and he’s probably a dropout, like Dan Charlton who went to work for Tesco and now wears a manager’s badge. There’s no way I’ll leave school. University here I come! And with it: girls! If only I could get hold of this book my problems would be over. I’d be the new Messiah of the ladies. I’d know it all and I’d spread the seed of my knowledge. Oh yes! I must have it in spite of him. Maybe not today, he looks like he’s got rabies today. But we’ll see tomorrow. Better not stare! Eyes down, Chris, sip from the empty cup, wait…

And that was it! The crap End! :)

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